This selection (3403995 bytes, 3:32) is for Ralph and anyone else who loves African music. The name of the particular genre escapes me, but I’d describe it as big-city African dance-pop. Whacked down out of the ether from Africa Number One, Moyabi, Gabon, during its testing phase on February 5, 1981. (I wonder who won that Peugeot?) It appears I neglected to make note of the frequency.


Ondas del Mar (1380 kHz), in Puerto Cabello, Carabobo, Venezuela, quickly became our default beach radio station during our trip to Bonaire. Its format consists of mostly Cuban music, with enough Venezuelan vallenatos to keep things interesting and to satisfy the government’s local content requirements. Here’s a song (4194524 bytes, 4:22) that was especially good, recorded around 9:30 a.m. on September 27, 2005.

Stanley Beckford is a Jamaican reggae and mento singer whose voice is always a pleasure to hear. Instead of burdening you with further opinions on the subject, here’s a discography and a 1981 single of his, St. Thomas ChickenĀ  (6041049 bytes, 3:24) b/w Dub Pt. 2 (6040496 bytes, 3:24).