Q: (redneck accent) So, what’s with the name, anyway, you leftist liberal long haired Clinton-loving Communist sixties throwback, you?

A: It’s the slogan used by Radio Rebelde, one of the national radio networks in Cuba. Here’s a sample (491664 bytes, 0:28) of its top of the hour ID, from its stereo feed on Hispasat 1C, 11.885 GHz, Vertical polarization, SR 27500.

Q: What the heck would you ever want to listen to that for?

A: In fact, here’s another sample (787934 bytes, 0:36) from Radio Rebelde. In this one, the announcer says the programming is about to split, with the AM service carrying sports and FM continuing with normal programming. It’s followed by the ID for Rebelde FM.


[19:15:10] * nc-jay scores another 10 points with his September 2005 model NASWA muggenswatter
[19:16:07] <MarkV-NL> Blog it!
[19:16:08] <MarkV-NL> :-)
[19:16:39] <nc-jay> heh, I don't think that quite rates a blog entry, but...hmmmm...

I’ve resisted the urge to jump on the blogging bandwagon until now, but the release of the  Flock Developer Preview made me curious about its WordPress integration. So here we are.

This might be another one of the zillions of blogs out there that are active for a month, then never updated again.  On the other hand, maybe I’ll use it as an excuse to do some occasional creative writing, or to post pointers to interesting music, photos or net resources.  I suspect topics will include:

  • ’70’s reggae, especially Lee “Scratch” Perry-related
  • French, Spanish and Brazilian pop music
  • Radio, especially medium wave and shortwave
  • Caribbean travel
  • Food and beer
  • Unix-like operating systems, especially OS X and Linux
  • Digital photography

So, off we go.  Let’s see how this all develops.